Monday, September 27, 2010

The Sketchbook Project 2011

Every now and then, I participate in a small-scale art thingy. With two, and soon to be three-children-under-four, I just can't delve into big landscape paintings or even colored pencil drawings like I'd like to. The first is too messy, and the second, too time-consuming.

As the kids get older, I'm formulating a plan for the basement: a combo of storage, workspace, play area, and art/craft lair. Someday I will get back into painting. I hope.

Anyway these small art activities help me stay in practice and motivated.

Most recently I've done things like drawing in my sketchbook every day of a particular month, or Art House projects such as The Canvas Project and the Sketchbook Project.

Then in the spring I applied to be one of four artists to be sponsored by a local design firm, Faucethead Creative, in Batavia, IL.

I wrote something completely nutty and dumb in my reasons for wanting to be chosen, something like "I'm a stay at home/work at home mom of two, we're expecting our 3rd child in the fall, I have an art degree but rarely get to use it, please pick me!!!" Totally lame. But then I got the email and found out they DID choose me!!! So I'm pretty excited. :)

Now I need to get going on my book before L-Day is here -- in a little over a month -- and things get reaaaaaally insane around the house.

So far I've glued a bunch of stuff into, and made a couple pretty bad sketches in my book. So no photos yet. But I will post some.... sometime...

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