Friday, June 5, 2009

May 31

Not a great sketch, but part of the point of EDIM is the doing, not the finished product, right?

I am looking forward to doing this challenge again next year. It's good for me to draw every day, though sometimes it's so hard to get started, when all I want to do is go to sleep!

May 30

This walkway is so pretty in every season: tall evergreens and thick shrubs make it feel like a tunnel, and at night the lights cast just enough light on the path but not enough to blot out the stars. It's one of the rare spots in the Chicago suburbs where you can actually see the stars.

May 29

Terrible photo. There's actually much more subtle detail in this sketch. Still not my best work: the gazebo is leaning to one side and there's not enough value differences in the foliage.

May 28

The photo is a bit blurry, but you get the idea. From a photo taken somewhere in downtown Chicago years ago.

May 27

I always wanted a magnolia tree in my yard. This is from the Arboretum.

May 26

One of my favorite things from the garden.

May 25

Feeling lazy tonight.

May 24

Drawing late at night means drawing from photo references. This one's not too bad, unlike most sketches (as a result of not having as much visual info in photos, as when drawing a scene in front of me).

May 23

Sitting out in the backyard with Dad.

May 22

No definitive sense of light in this one. That's because I started it at a sunny 9 AM, got interrupted, and finished it at an overcast 7:30 PM.

May 21

The previous sketch, this one, and all the rest through May 31 are black ballpoint pen in my Derwent sketchbook. I love the result. I wonder how archival it is?

May 20

I lived here for exactly half my life.

May 19

Black ballpoint in my tiny Derwent sketchbook. My dad in North Carolina.

May 18

It ended up being a much busier month than I thought it would... lots of work from clients, parents visiting. Somehow, despite everything going on, I managed to draw every day in May -- although some of the drawings took more than one day to complete.

The biggest problem? I got hooked on drawing with ballpoint pen, which takes FOREVER! Now that it's June, I finally had a chance to take pictures of everything and post them all.

This particular one is Pitt pen. I meant to add watercolor, but haven't gotten to it yet.